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Multi-petal Black Garlic

Multiple black garlic bottles Product description: Multi-flap black garlic is the main product of black garlic products, also known as multiple black garlic, fermented black garlic, black garlic, is the use of fresh raw garlic, skinned in a high temperature and humidity fermentation tank...

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Product Details

Product description:

It is the main product of black garlic products, also known as multiple and fermented black garlic, is the use of fresh raw garlic, skinned in a high temperature and humidity fermentation tank fermentation 60 For ~90 days, the natural fermented food, which retains the original ingredients and functions of raw garlic, improves the antioxidant and anti-acidification efficacy of raw garlic by several dozen times, and puts the protein of raw garlic itself. A large number of amino acids are transformed into essential amino acids that are needed by the human body every day. They are then rapidly absorbed by the body and have a tremendous positive effect on enhancing human immunity, restoring body fatigue, and maintaining human health. They also have a sweet and sour taste and no garlic after eating. Fire is a fast-acting health food that is good for the human body.

Production process:

Multiple flaps of garlic raw materials --- sorting --- fermentation -------- temporary storage --- hides (sorting) --- packaging --- storage


Functional foods, eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, resolve constipation, protect the liver, increase prostate activity, promote sleep and other functions.

How to use:

Eat, when taken directly from snacks, stew and broth, stir into garlic for cooking.


400g bottles, 250g bottles, 200g bottles, 100g bottles, 80g bottles.


Documents required for export inspection:

1. The export declaration formally declares to the customs. If the export needs to pay taxes, taxes and fees shall be paid promptly.

2. The Customs at the scene ends the inspection. After the cargo documents are released, the cargo owner shall deliver the goods to the customs supervision area within the time specified by the customs for inspection and release. If inspection is required, the customs broker should contact the customs in time to carry out the inspection of the goods. After the inspection, seals should be designated according to the seal of the shipping company. Those who do not need inspection shall promptly release the physical cargo and send the loading order to the port area according to the cut-off time.

3. When the goods are to be exported, the shipping company will transmit the data of the export manifest to the Customs. After receiving the data, the Customs will report the Customs data to Customs and then promptly go to the Customs to print out the Tax Refund Association.

4. Exit customs clearance is over. Customers need to promptly visit our company to pay inspection and inspection fees on behalf of the Customs.

Customer: I want to cooperate with black garlic

A: Hello.

Customer: Are you a black garlic manufacturer?

A: Yes, our company produces black garlic.

Customer: Is it for processing?

A: Yes.

Customer: Is it available in cans?

A: Yes.

Customer: What are the specifications?

A: Do you want to make a single black garlic or a multi-petal black garlic?

Customer: All

A: The single-head cans are packed in 500g, 250g, 125g, and 90g packages. The multi-petal black garlic can is packaged in 400g, 200g, and 80g. Which one do you need?

Customer: 250g for one-headed black garlic, 200g for multi-petal black garlic, what is the price?

A: How much do you need? Our company has a batch, a one-time request for 500 pounds will give you the wholesale price.

Customer: 1000 cans each time.

A: No invoicing, including shipping.

Customer: No invoicing, including shipping. What is the specification of a single black garlic?

A: The black garlic is a 3.0 specification.

Customer: Explain the 3.0 specification

A: The diameter of garlic is 3.0 cm.

Customer: Ok, give me the price.

A: You wait a moment.

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