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Fried Garlic Flake

The fried garlic flake are made by cutting the garlic into garlic pieces and then frying them with the plants. The fried garlic pieces are golden yellow, the taste is not spicy, and the garlic has the unique fragrance, which can be used as a seasoning.

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Product Details

   Using Shandong's unique garlic products, hybrid garlic and four or six petals, split, cleaned, sliced, dried and then fried, the polysulfide compound contained in garlic has a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, against a variety of cocci, bacilli, fungi and Viruses and the like have inhibitory and killing effects, and are the most potent antibacterial agents found in natural plants. Shandong fried garlic slices keep the polysulfide compounds in garlic to a maximum extent. Therefore, Shandong fried garlic slices not only have a flavoring effect, but also have some functions of regulating the stomach, sterilizing and reducing inflammation. Fried garlic slices have no spicy taste and strong garlic flavor. They have the unique garlic flavor of garlic and the color is golden yellow, which makes people have a strong appetite.

  Product use: It can be used directly as food and food. It is widely used in Japan and Korea.


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