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Analysis of chemical properties of dehydrated onion
- Jul 26, 2018 -

After dehydration of vegetable cells, it causes changes in the chemical properties of proteins, enhanced cell membrane permeability, changes in cell structure and function, cell hydrolysis, some storage materials and some structural substances such as starch, sugar, protein, fruit acid and a small amount of fat. The substance is decomposed into simple substances by the action of the enzyme, the decomposed starch is decomposed into glucose, the disaccharide is converted into a monosaccharide, the protein and the polypeptide are decomposed into amino acids, and the pro-fruit acid is decomposed into a gelatin. This change can be caused by an increase in flavor after dehydration of the vegetables, an increase in fresh sweetness, a large loss of soluble and unstable components, and a small loss of insoluble components and minerals. From the analysis of chemical properties, we can see that the deep processing of vegetables and dehydrated vegetables are undoubtedly the processing methods with development value. Not only the nutrients are preserved, but also the quality is light, the consumption is convenient, and the storage time is greatly prolonged.