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Black garlic manufacturers teach you four ways to distinguish the quality of black garlic.
- Dec 03, 2018 -

The single black garlic is actually a kind of crispy and delicious food formed by ordinary garlic after many days of high temperature fermentation. There is also a gap in the quality of the single black garlic. How to distinguish the quality of the single black garlic? The following black garlic manufacturers will introduce you to everyone:


1. From the taste of black garlic, the export-grade black garlic has a sweet and soft taste and no garlic. This black garlic indicates that the fermentation is sufficient. It is a true export-grade high-quality black garlic. Its nutritional value and health benefits are very good. In terms of humidity, some black garlic with poor quality is relatively humid. After eating it, it is covered with black garlic. The good quality black garlic is moderate in humidity, easy to peel, and not dirty after eating.

2. From the appearance, a big and full description shows that this garlic is very good. When selecting raw materials, it is carefully selected and has no insects.

3. From the color point of view, the dark color of black garlic indicates that the raw material is made from Yunnan organic leather garlic. The nutritional value of purple garlic is higher than that of white garlic.

4. From the production process point of view, the organic black garlic that has been fermented for 90 days is the best black garlic, the fermentation is more sufficient, the nutrition in the black garlic can be better played, and is more conducive to the absorption of the human body.


The above is the method that black garlic manufacturers introduce to you to identify the single black garlic. I hope everyone can help when buying a single black garlic.