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Description of Fried garlic slice
- Aug 26, 2018 -

Fried garlic slice: deep-fried garlic slice is cut into slices of garlic to dry, then deep-fried with plants. The Fried garlic slice is golden yellow and has no pungent taste. It has the special fragrance of garlic, which can be used as a condiment or directly to make various tastes and use directly.

Deep-fried garlic slices are not only rich in nutrition, but also keep the various protein, amino acid and allicin which are beneficial to human body. Besides, they remove the acrid flavor of garlic and have a clear appetite, as well as the effect of appetizing, reducing pressure and eliminating greasy and refreshing taste.

In order to make everyone more comprehensive understanding Fried garlic slice, the next Fried garlic slice manufacturer introduced Fried garlic slice appetizer effect, everybody pays attention to Fried garlic slice together.

Deep-fried garlic slices do not have a spicy taste and strong garlic flavor, with the special garlic smell, color is golden yellow, let people have a strong appetite.

The package of Fried garlic slices can be according to the customer's requirement

油炸齐头片.JPG油炸根片 .JPG

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