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How much do you know about the classification of garlic?
- Dec 13, 2018 -

With the further increase of the current planting methods, black garlic manufacturers are also further research on garlic cultivation to ensure that the products we grow are more productive. Let us now understand the forms in which garlic can be analyzed.


According to its growth, the size of garlic cloves can be divided into two types: large petals and small petals. In a garlic, the large garlic cloves are generally 4- to 8. Each garlic is relatively uniform in size, the garlic cloves are large, the outer skin is easily peeled off, the garlic moss is thick and long, the spicy taste is strong, and the yield is high.

Different kinds of garlic, his skin color is also different, according to the color of the garlic bulb skin can be divided into purple (red) leather garlic and white garlic. Purple (red) garlic garlic garlic is small and large, garlic moss is large, the leaves are relatively large, and the white leaves are relatively wide.

According to the form of black garlic manufacturers, the ecological characteristics of garlic can be divided into spring garlic and winter garlic. The yield of alkyd garlic is very small, and the spring garlic garlic is small and large, and generally does not suck the moss.

According to the cold resistance, it can be divided into low temperature reaction sensitive type, low temperature reaction type and low temperature reaction intermediate type.

These are the related problems that black garlic manufacturers tell you. I hope that everyone will make certain observations to ensure that our production and planting are more cleaned to meet our needs.