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How to judge whether dehydrated vegetables are dyed
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Dehydrated vegetables have greatly facilitated our lives, but some non-lighting businesses have added some coloring agents to make the appearance of dehydrated vegetables more attractive and attractive, which has seriously affected food safety.


Under normal circumstances, the vegetables after dehydration and drying will have a certain color difference, the edge color of the vegetables will be deeper and the middle is lighter. Dehydrated onion silk manufacturers tell you that although some dehydrated vegetables will dissolve in the water when they are soaked, the dyeing will be lighter, and the dyed dehydrated vegetables will be easily turned into dark green.

      Dehydrated onion silk manufacturers suggest that when buying dehydrated foods, be sure not to be attracted by the bright appearance of the food, but to choose safe and healthy food. Today's content is here, more relevant information, we will continue to introduce in the next issue.