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How to make fried garlic crispy color brighter?
- Jan 26, 2019 -

Deep-fried garlic crisps are very challenging in the production process, otherwise it is easy to cause the fried garlic crispy color to black. Here are some tips on the crispy color of fried garlic. 


First prepare the garlic with uniform granules, then pour the right amount of oil into the cold pan, then fry the cold oil directly into the minced garlic to fry, and keep a small fire, avoid the high temperature hot oil to make the garlic crisp. When the oil temperature rises and small bubbles appear, start frying and frying the garlic to ensure that all the garlic can be evenly colored. When the color of the fried garlic crisp becomes golden yellow, you can prepare the pot, use a colander to filter the oil, and then use the kitchen oil blotting paper to dry.


The above is the trick to make the fried garlic crisp and bright, I hope to help everyone.