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Multi-petal black garlic manufacturing method
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Put the entire unpeeled garlic in a clean container. The container can be any material as long as it is safe and resistant to high temperatures and should be sufficient to hold all the garlic. The container is overwrapped with tin foil. Seal it as much as possible to prevent any contaminants from entering and preventing too much garlic from drifting away. Place the wrapped container in the oven and set it to around 60 degrees Celsius. You can also use the rice cooker to set it in a state of heat preservation (in fact, only some rice cookers in the country can be kept at 60 degrees Celsius) or other machines that can maintain a constant temperature. Just make sure the temperature stays between 55 and 65 degrees Celsius and does not automatically shut down. Let the garlic be fermented in the container for 40 days. It can be eaten after 10 days of fermentation. For the best results, you should wait for 40 days. By that time, the garlic cloves will become black and black, a bit soft and a bit sweet.