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Operation process of dehydrated garlic with tablets
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Material selection: It adopts white garlic with large color and garlic cloves, and chooses the garlic head with fullness and fullness, complete garlic cloves, no insect damage and no mold. Pretreatment: remove the sediment and debris attached to the garlic, remove the roots, open the garlic cloves, peel off the garlic skin, and remove the garlic cloves with disease spots, insect eyes and dry colors. Rinsing: Pour the peeled garlic cloves into the water, wash away the impurities, and rinse off the garlic film. Sectioning: The garlic cloves were cut into 1.5-2.0 mm slices using a slicing machine or with a knife. Rinse while slicing, and wash away the glue from the garlic cloves when slicing. The slices should be even, otherwise the baking will be uneven and affect the quality. Drowning: Remove the rinsed garlic pieces and dry them. It is also possible to drain the water to facilitate drying. Drying: Put the dried garlic pieces into a metal sieve or stainless steel plate, into the drying room or oven, and bake at a temperature of 60 ° C ~ 80 ° C for 6 hours to 7 hours, so that the water content of the garlic pieces is 5 -6% or so. Screening and grading: The dried garlic pieces are sieved, and the broken pieces, fragments and residual garlic clothes are sieved off. Pour the selected garlic pieces on the sorting table, and remove the impurities and yellow-brown pieces, grains, etc., and then grade them.微信图片_20180917140600.jpg微信图片_20180917140557.jpg

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