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Pretreatment of fried garlic crisps
- Oct 16, 2018 -

When it comes to fried garlic crisps, everyone knows that it is a green and healthy condiment. Do you know what pre-treatment work before it is made? Here is a detailed introduction and look forward to your attention.

  1. Soak the chopped garlic slices in a deodorizing solution for 3 hours, rinse them out and rinse them with water.

 2. Prepare 30% honey liquid in the sugar storage tank, add quantitative sodium chloride, citric acid, calcium magnesium salt, licorice extract, clove and other seasonings, add 0.05% sodium benzoate, mix and treat by colloid mill

  3. Then put the deodorized garlic into a vacuum impregnation tank, seal and evacuate to 0.09 MPa, then open the sugar liquid switch, spray the honey liquid for 15 minutes, and then inflate for 40 minutes.

 The above three steps are the deodorization and vacuum treatment of fried garlic crisps, and are also two indispensable steps in making garlic crisps. Thank you for your attention to our release of information, more exciting to continue to introduce in the next issue.