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Processing of garlic slices
- Oct 26, 2018 -

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It adopts white garlic with large white color and garlic cloves, and chooses the garlic head with fullness and fullness, complete garlic cloves, no insect damage and no mold.


Remove the sediment and debris attached to the garlic, remove the roots, open the garlic cloves, peel off the garlic skin, and remove the garlic cloves with disease spots, insect eyes and dry colors.


Pour the peeled garlic cloves into the water, wash away the impurities, and rinse off the garlic film. The next step should be carried out as soon as possible, and the stacking time should not be too long to prevent the garlic petals from changing color.


The garlic cloves were cut into 1.5-2.0 mm slices using a slicing machine or with a knife. Rinse while slicing, and wash away the glue from the garlic cloves when slicing. The slices should be even, otherwise the baking will be uneven and affect the quality. [1] 

Rinse again:

The cut garlic pieces are then introduced into a bamboo basket, rinsed thoroughly in flowing clear water, and the glue and debris are removed to facilitate baking. When the rinsing is not sufficiently dried, it will cause a yellowish brown color.


The rinsed garlic pieces are removed and dried. It is also possible to drain the water to facilitate drying.


The dried garlic pieces are placed in a metal sieve or stainless steel tray, and then baked in an oven or an oven at a temperature of 60 ° C to 80 ° C for 6 hours to 7 hours to make the moisture content of the garlic pieces 5-6%. about.

Screening classification:

The dried garlic pieces are sieved to remove the broken pieces, pieces and residual garlic. Pour the selected garlic pieces on the sorting table, and remove the impurities and yellow-brown pieces, grains, etc., and then grade them. Authentic garlic slices are yellowish, large, complete, flat, uniform thickness, no debris, no odor. The defective product is yellow-brown, small, incomplete, uneven, and uneven in thickness. This procedure requires rapid operation to prevent the garlic pieces from absorbing moisture. The graded garlic slices are also tested for water content. If the water content exceeds 6%, it needs to be re-baked once. [1] 


The garlic slices can be packaged after they are allowed to cool at room temperature. It is usually packed in corrugated box, and the box is lined with moisture-proof aluminum foil bag and plastic bag, which are sealed and put into storage. The warehouse should be dry, ventilated, odor-free and pest-free. The temperature in the warehouse is preferably around 10 °C.