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Screening step for dehydrated garlic slices
- Jan 01, 2019 -

Dehydrated garlic slices are one of the popular dehydrated vegetables. They can be eaten or used as raw and auxiliary materials. They are fresh in seasons and pure in taste. The dehydrated onion silk manufacturer introduced the sieving and grading steps of the dehydrated garlic slices, and everyone can come and understand.


First, the dried dehydrated garlic pieces are sieved to remove the broken pieces, pieces and residual garlic clothes, and the preserved garlic pieces are kept.

      Pour the selected garlic pieces on the sorting table for classification, and remove the impurities, yellow-brown pieces, dehydrated garlic pieces with defects and stains.

      Third, the dehydrated onion wire manufacturers tell everyone, after the classification, we must also check the water content of the garlic slices. If the water content exceeds 6%, it needs to be re-baked once.

      The dehydrated garlic slices that have been sieved and graded are all yellowish, large, complete, uniform, and odorless. If you want to buy our products, please call the dehydrated onion wire manufacturer.