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Sharing the precautions for garlic
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Garlic is a commonly used condiment in cooking and cooking. It contains garlic and is good for your health. Today, fried garlic crisp manufacturers share with you some of the garlic precautions, friends who want to know can pay attention to the following content.


      1, garlic raw food is more effective for the health of the body.

      2, because garlic has a strong irritant, it is not suitable for fasting, otherwise it is easy to cause stomach discomfort.

      3, the daily consumption of garlic should not be too much, should be controlled in each 1 to 3 petals, eat once a day or once every other day, so as not to affect the absorption of vitamin B.

      4, fried garlic crisp manufacturers tell everyone, if you are afraid of eating garlic after the mouth smell, you can drink a cup of coffee, milk or green tea after eating, can achieve the effect of clearing the breath.