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The difference between one-headed black garlic and multipetal black garlic
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Now black garlic in the market by everyone's best love, we buy black garlic when the shop will ask is to buy a single head of black garlic or more black garlic clove, so what is the difference between the two black garlic? Single head black garlic manufacturers will be introduced.



Generally speaking, multi-clove black garlic is generally eaten as food, and single-head black garlic is larger than multi-clove black garlic, single-head black garlic has only one clove, and multi-clove black garlic can be divided into twelve and fourteen cloves.

Because the head of single-head black garlic is larger than the head of multi-slice black garlic, so in the production, the fermentation time is longer, single-head black garlic than multi-slice black garlic in the taste of sour and sweet, more suitable for eating, is accepted by more consumers.

In fact, the difference between the black garlic cloves and the black garlic cloves is that the one inside the cloves is the whole one, but they taste and effect is the same, but the shape is not the same.

The above is to introduce to you the difference between single-head black garlic and multi-petal black garlic, if you want to know more about the single-head black garlic manufacturers in detail, please pay attention to our company website