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The magic of black garlic
- Oct 09, 2018 -

The black garlic is a special processed product of ordinary garlic. It is loved and welcomed by everyone because of its unique taste and rich nutrition. Some people call black garlic a health care product. Is black garlic really so magical? Will introduce you to everyone:

In fact, the production process of the single black garlic is not responsible, but rather long. The approach is to heat the fresh garlic in high temperature and high humidity for more than one month, even for two or three months, commonly known as fermentation.

The temperature at which black garlic is made is about 60 ° C, so various microorganisms are difficult to grow at this temperature, and after several decades of continuous heating, the fresh garlic becomes black garlic. The garlic became soft and sweet and sour, and the characteristic pungent odor disappeared.

The experiment proves that after the fresh garlic becomes black garlic, the content or activity of the material is greatly increased, so it is more nutritious to eat and the taste is relatively unique.