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Which kind of garlic is more suitable for processing fried garlic crisps?
- Dec 02, 2018 -

The fried garlic crisp color is good for people, and it is a way that most people like to process. Because there is a certain gap in the taste of garlic, not all garlic is suitable for making fried garlic. Can that kind of garlic be made into fried garlic? next, I would like to introduce this to you:


Garlic is warm and tastes spicy. It is often eaten to regulate blood sugar and protect cardiovascular. There are many kinds of garlic, which are divided into white garlic and purple garlic according to the color of garlic scalp. According to the number of garlic, it can be divided into large petals and small petals. When fried garlic is processed, it will choose white garlic, which is light in taste, cold-resistant, and resistant to storage. It is weak to the body and is more conducive to health.

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