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Analysis Of The Morphological Characteristics Of Garlic
- Jan 19, 2019 -

Garlic is a seasoning that we often eat in our lives. It tastes spicy and can be tasted in a variety of dishes. In order to let everyone better understand the garlic products, today's fried garlic crispy manufacturers first introduce you to the morphological characteristics of garlic, welcome your attention.


       Garlic is a shallow-rooted crop with no main roots, like cold, and wet and fearful of drought. Usually, the shape of garlic is flat or short conical, with grayish white or light brown membranous scales on the outside. There are 6 to 10 garlic cloves inside, which are rounded around the stems. The base of the stem is disc-shaped and has many fibrous roots. The fried garlic crisp manufacturers tell you that there is a film outside each garlic clove, which is white, thick and juicy.

      I believe that through the above content, everyone has a detailed understanding of the morphological characteristics of garlic, our company produces a variety of garlic products. If you have the relevant purchase needs, please call the fried garlic crisp manufacturers to ask for advice.