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Black Garlic Can Wrinkle And Resist Oxygen, Is This Really True?
- Jan 22, 2019 -

Black garlic manufacturers have been popular in the market in recent years. The role of black garlic has many regular consumptions and has many benefits to the body. I heard that black garlic can wrinkle and resist oxygen. Is this really true? Then let's all come together to understand it.


Black garlic is different from ordinary garlic in its taste. Black garlic tastes sweet and sour after fermentation, and it has no pungent and spicy taste. Compared with ordinary garlic, black garlic has many beneficial ingredients inside the body, so it is often The consumption of the body has a lot of benefits

The moisture and fat in black garlic are less than ordinary garlic, but the trace elements are significantly improved. The internal content of vitamins and protein is more than twice that of ordinary garlic. The anti-aging effect of black garlic is 39. The S-propylene cysteine component is water-soluble and can be quickly absorbed by the human large intestine, which can well serve the beauty and delay the aging effect.

Therefore, black garlic can be wrinkled and anti-oxidation. We should eat it properly. Do not overdo it. If you want to know more about the black garlic manufacturer, please pay attention to our company website.