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Black Garlic Is Rich In Vitamins And Has Anti-fatigue Effect
- Dec 02, 2018 -

Some people have found that meat is rich in vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 is combined with black garlic contained in black garlic, which can effectively eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. Anti-aging effect: Some ingredients in black garlic have antioxidant and anti-aging properties similar to vitamin E and vitamin C.

Black garlic protects liver function: The trace element selenium in black garlic can protect the liver by participating in the aerobic metabolism of blood, removing toxins and reducing the detoxification burden of the liver. Exuberant energy and treatment of impotence: Studies have shown that black garlic does have the effect of treating impotence. Black garlic is good for blood circulation, which is important for erectile function. What is the mechanism, unclear, the possible explanation is that black garlic can stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide synthase, which is an enzyme necessary for male erection.

Black garlic improves sugar metabolism: Studies have confirmed that raw garlic has the effect of increasing glucose tolerance in normal people, and also promotes insulin secretion and increases the utilization of glucose by tissue cells, and black garlic reduces blood sugar levels.

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