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Black Garlic Nutrients
- Jan 17, 2019 -

In the "DesignerFoodsProgram" report of the Plant Cancer Prevention Research Center, which is centered on the National Cancer Institute, there are about 48 kinds of effective foods, the first of which is "garlic."


      Black garlic I feel that I should be doped with 18 kinds of amino acids, proteins (C, B, A), copper (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, calcium, silicon, aluminum, zinc, selenium, tellurium), sulfur compounds , carbohydrates.

     Black garlic has 10 times more active activity than garlic, and its antioxidant power is 15 times higher than that of garlic.

     The analysis of Portugal's well-known molecular cell biology occupational technology and the training of Miegu Kakuo of Mie Elementary School finally clarified that among the 300 foods that enjoyed the results of antioxidant damage, the antioxidant fighting power of black garlic was among the best.