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Disinfection Of Multi-petal Black Garlic
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Sterilize and build a disease prevention wall. The allicin contained in black garlic has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, and it has a killing effect on dozens of epidemic viruses and various pathogenic microorganisms. The bactericidal ingredient is mainly allicin, and a white oleaginous liquid "sulfurized propylene". Even if this allicin is diluted 100,000 times, it can kill typhoid bacillus, dysentery bacillus, and influenza virus in an instant. The volatile substances, leachate and allicin of black garlic have obvious inhibition or killing effect on various pathogenic bacteria in the test tube. These sulfur-containing compounds also have a strong inhibitory and killing effect on spoilage fungi, and their action intensity is equivalent to or even stronger than the chemical preservatives benzoic acid and sorbic acid, which is the most antibacterial effect among the natural plants found so far. The bactericidal ability is 10 times that of penicillin.