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Does A Single Black Garlic Have A Cosmetic Effect?
- Jan 29, 2019 -

I believe that everyone has a certain understanding through the introduction of black garlic in front of the black garlic manufacturer. Black garlic is not only called health care products but also has the effect of beauty, then let us know more about it.


The unique black garlic ingredient has anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties, and can protect the skin from free radical damage. The essence of human aging is anti-oxidation, while the anti-aging effect of black garlic is 39 times that of ordinary garlic, among which S - The propylene-based cysteine component is water-soluble and can be quickly absorbed by the human large intestine. It can be used for beauty and beauty, and delays the aging effect. Therefore, black garlic can be used not only for internal or external use, but we can Applying a proper amount of black garlic to the wrinkles of the skin can also help remove wrinkles.

The single black garlic not only has a certain repair and protection effect on the skin, but also strengthens the nails to prevent the nails from being broken and broken. The black garlic cloves are sliced or chopped, and the juice is rubbed and nailed. After a few weeks, the texture of the nails can be improved.

The above is simply to introduce the beauty effect of black garlic, hope that the above content can help everyone, if you want to know more about the details of the single black garlic manufacturers, please pay attention to our company website