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Fried Garlic Crisps And Other Foods
- Jan 01, 2019 -

Deep-fried garlic crisp is a nutritious and healthy food that can be eaten with a variety of foods, and the food is different and the effect is different. The following is an introduction to the method of eating fried onion and other foods, and I look forward to your attention.


     First, fried garlic crispy with egg yolk. It can inhibit the aging of blood vessels and skin. The lecithin contained in the egg yolk can remove cholesterol adhering to the blood vessel wall and lower cholesterol.

     Second, fried garlic crisps and herring. It can make blood smooth, garlic can promote the digestion of protein in fish, and the rich unsaturated fatty acids in herring can lower cholesterol and coagulate platelets.

    Third, garlic crispy with pork. Pork is one of the richer foods containing vitamin B1. It combines with the allicin contained in garlic to relieve fatigue and restore physical strength.

    You can try three kinds of fried onion crisps to eat, which is very beneficial to your health. If you have a need for purchase, please visit the website for more product information and look forward to working with you.