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Fried Garlic FlakesUse And Key Point Control
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Basic Info


Product Description

Style: Slice

Type: Pure White

Color: White Skin Garlic

Fried garlic flakes

Oil: The ratio of palm oil 10%/g

Salt: The ratio of salt 0.4%/g

Garlic: 89.6%

Shelf life: 1-2 years

Taste: Spicy

Drying process: AD

Packing: laminating, vacuum and nitrogen and plastic bottles, 1 kg / bottle, 6 bottles / box.

Technical process: 

Garlic → peeling → sorting → rinsing → slicing → drying → drying → sorting → rehydration → drying → frying → shed oil → cooling → sorting → packaging.

Critical Control Point: 

Raw material: Each batch of raw materials must be in accordance with the checking standard 

Sterilize: Time for sterilizing is 10 minutes; Density of Cl2 should be 60-70ppm. 

Oven dry: Time for oven dry is about 8 hours under temperature 60-65 

Fry: The temperature and time is the point, which classified for company. 

Packing: The finished products will be packed after magnetic separation.

Typical questions asked about products:

-Does this product support customization?

-How do you ship the products?

-How long is the shelf life of this product?

-How is this product used?