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- Sep 25, 2018 -

Garlic is also called Garlic, Garlic, Garlic, hu, hu, alone Garlic, alone Garlic, is the general name of Garlic plants. Semiannual herbaceous plant, liliaceae allium, with bulb as medicine. Spring, summer harvest, tie, hanging ventilation place, dry. As the saying goes, "no garlic can grow for 9 months, but only for 9 years". In June, when the leaves are withered, the soil is removed, and the skin is ventilated, dried or baked until dry.

Garlic is oblate or short conical, with pale white or light brown membranous scales on the outside, scale-leafed, inside 6-10 garlic cloves, round the flower stem, stem base disk, with most fibrous roots. Each garlic clove outsourcing film, peeling off the film, that is, white, thick juicy scales. There is strong garlic and hot, spicy taste. Has a pungent smell, can be eaten or for seasoning, also medicine. Subterranean bulb is divided into purple seed and white seed according to skin color. Garlic was introduced to China from the western regions in the qin and han dynasties. It was cultivated and bred artificially, and had anti-cancer effects.

There are many USES for garlic. Our company has a deep processing of garlic. Garlic can be dehydrated, Fried, or fermented into black garlic. Garlic can be further processed into dehydrated garlic slices, dehydrated garlic granules and dehydrated garlic powder. Can also be made into Fried garlic slices, Fried garlic granules, Fried garlic crisp. Garlic can be pounded into minced garlic, which can add flavor before the dishes are ripe. When cooking fish and meat, add some garlic block, can remove fishy, deodorization. Add a bit of garlic to your salad to make it more spicy. Mix sesame oil, soy sauce and mashed garlic well, can be eaten cold powder, dumplings dip with.


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