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How Should Herbicides Be Selected In Different Stages Of Garlic Cultivation?
- Oct 28, 2018 -

When we grow garlic, we must pay attention to scientific and reasonable methods. Only in this way can we reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases and reduce the occurrence of garlic pests. Today, let the manufacturers of fried garlic products tell us how to choose herbicides?

After the garlic is sown, it takes 10 to 15 days to produce the seedlings, so we can use some herbicides with a slightly stronger herbicide when weeding:

Duer: 150ml per 667m2, sprayed with 100kg of water, the control effect and control time is equivalent to the cable.

Guoer (including garlic grass, cut grass, etc.): 80 ~ 100ml per 667m2, 5 ~ 7d after sowing, spray 100kg of water.

After the garlic grows out, it is dominated by broad-leaved weeds or broad-leaved grasses and grasses. Guoer: 80~100ml (150ml of garlic grass) per 667m2 spray 30 pairs of weeds in water, the control effect can reach 90% after 30d, but the roots of broadleaf weeds are not dead, and live after 20d The curative effect of grass weeds is only about 50%.

Different soils and different garlic varieties will produce environmental differences. Our fried garlic manufacturers tell you that in the process of weeding garlic, we should fully understand the growth characteristics of garlic at different stages to ensure a more reasonable growth of our garlic. .