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How To Make Garlic Planting More Productive?
- Nov 09, 2018 -

With the further improvement of the technology of fried garlic, the high yield of garlic cultivation process requires us to make a reasonable grasp and fully improve our planting efficiency. Then what measures should we adopt when planting? 


1.Fine land preparation

Of course, when we grow, we need to scientifically level the land. Before the planting of garlic, we must plough the land in time. Preventing less sprouting after garlic planting, less roots, and reasonable division of planting density, generally 15-20cm is more suitable, and should be finely slashed after ploughing.

2. Choose a good planting environment

It is necessary to strengthen all aspects of garlic land testing to ensure that the pastoral clean and pollution-free, the garlic field atmosphere, water quality, soil, etc. must meet the quality standards of pollution-free agricultural products base.

3. Update replacement garlic

We need to replace garlic in a reasonable way. In recent years, the phenomenon of garlic dead seedlings and secondary growth in our city is serious. We must choose more high-quality garlic varieties to prevent the repeated cultivation of garlic varieties, which will degrade the characteristics of garlic varieties and make better production. Deep-fried garlic slices.

4.Selected garlic seeds, soaked seeds

Before sowing, first select the petal, remove the disability, disease spots and small garlic cloves, the single petal weight is 5-6g. Remove the broken bulbs (garlic) from the garlic cloves, and do not peel the garlic. Do not damage the seed petals when you go to the sputum.

The production of fried garlic slices is a new type of industrial development direction. We can make full use of the rational cultivation of garlic to improve our industrial efficiency.