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Let Us Understand The Correct Practice Of Fried Garlic Slices
- Oct 09, 2018 -

In the production of all kinds of food, we have to use the scientific method. Nowadays, the cultivation of garlic is very much. We should strengthen further research to ensure that we are doing nothing and let the garlic enrich our table. Today, like fried garlic manufacturers to learn the success of fried garlic tablets!


1. In the process of processing the garlic slices, we should select the garlic with better quality and slice it. When making the slice, make sure the thickness is moderate.

2, the authentic Taiwanese garlic crisp is made with sweet lard, but can also be done with peanut oil or other edible oil, just as good as the use of sweet lard.

3. The most important thing to fry the garlic slices is to master the heat. When the garlic slices are fried to golden brown, they will be fished out immediately. Because the products are cut very thin, they will be partially removed when they are fished out. Hot oil to prevent bitter taste.

4, a gourmet person provides a good way to control the heat, that is, the garlic is passed through the cold water, and then squeezed out, and then into the oil pan to fry, it is said that this is not easy to paste, there is no bitterness.

In the process of production, we must pay attention to certain methods, follow the correct production process, and ensure that we can enjoy more delicious garlic crisps, so that we can use more nutrients and fully guarantee the nutritional value of garlic.