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Quality Identification Method Of Fried Garlic Crisp
- Dec 21, 2018 -

Deep-fried garlic crisp is a kind of healthy food with unique flavor and unique flavor, which is very popular among consumers. Many friends do not know how to identify the quality of fried garlic crisps, the following fried garlic crisp manufacturers for a brief introduction.

First, the quality of fried garlic crisp can be identified by color, the quality will be yellow or reddish.

   Second, the general high-quality fried garlic crisps are granular, and the particle size is uniform, and the quality is not the same.

   Third, with a light garlic spicy taste and aroma, if there are other odors, it indicates that there are quality problems.

   Fourth, the packaging is also related to the quality of fried garlic crisps. Under normal circumstances, plastic bags and aluminum foil bags are used for inner packaging.

   5. When purchasing food, it is necessary to look at the production date to avoid overdue.