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What Is The Way To Make Crispy Garlic Slices?
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Nowadays, the cultivation of garlic is very much, which further satisfies our requirements for use. Nowadays, the food production technology is very perfect. The taste of fried garlic slices is widely welcomed by everyone. How to make this product taste more suitable?


1. In the process of frying, we must control the quality reasonably. According to the quantity of garlic, we should make reasonable choices. The amount of oil used for frying must be more. It is better to have no garlic.

2, in the process of frying, we must first control the heat, when the oil temperature reaches a certain level, use the slow fire, the crispy garlic bubbles in the oil pan, wait until the garlic is fried Remove when golden brown.

3, when we choose garlic, we must determine the temperature of the oil according to the tenderness and size of the raw materials.

4, after the garlic is cooled, then fry the pot again, this will make the garlic crispy and crispy.

These are the relevant methods that should be mastered in the process of making fried garlic slices. I hope that everyone can do a reasonable analysis and grasp to ensure that our garlic slices taste better.