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Why Is Dehydrated Onion Silk Delicious?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

 Dehydrated onion is a pure natural food made from onion produced by green onion planting base. It has the effect of resisting cold and lowering blood sugar. Today, we explain the reason why dehydrated onion is delicious. Let's take a look. Let's go:



 When the onion is dehydrated, the protein will be hydrolyzed into starch, sugar, and protein, and the starch will be decomposed into glucose and monosaccharide by the action of the enzyme. When the sugar is added, the onion will be more sweet. Such changes can be seen that dehydrated onion is a developmental method of processing, not only can retain nutrients, but also light weight, convenient to eat, and storage time is also extended.

 Through the above analysis of the reasons for the delicious taste of dehydrated onion, I believe that everyone has deepened their understanding of this product. The company operates dehydrated onion silk all the year round, which is delicious and affordable. If you like, please feel free to contact us.