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Why Is The Dehydrated Garlic Slice Delicious?
- Jan 26, 2019 -

Dehydrated garlic slices are pure natural foods that have been processed from the garlic produced by the green garlic planting base. They are resistant to the cold and lower blood sugar. Today, the manufacturer explains why the dehydrated garlic slices are delicious. Look at it:


After the garlic is dehydrated, the protein will be hydrolyzed into starch, sugar and protein, and the starch will be decomposed into glucose and monosaccharide under the action of the enzyme. After the sugar is increased, the garlic will be more sweet. Such changes can be seen that dehydrated garlic tablets are a development method of development value, not only can retain nutrients, but also light weight, convenient to eat, and storage time is also prolonged.

Through the above analysis of the reasons for the delicious taste of dehydrated garlic slices, I believe that everyone has deepened their understanding of this product. The company operates dehydrated garlic slices all the year round, which is delicious and affordable. If you like, please contact us for customer service.