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Why Is The Garlic Market Not Blazing?
- Dec 13, 2018 -

In the process of planting garlic, we need to fully understand the market of garlic and ensure that our income is improved. Then why is this garlic market not blazing, let the black garlic manufacturers tell everyone why it is so unstable? 


The first is price. Now is the age of the Internet. We must fully understand that modern information is very developed. The information in the network era is transparent. All the unfavorable factors are well known, so we grow garlic at risk.

The cultivation of garlic has a certain periodicity. Everyone knows that the products have a certain periodicity. The price is not too regular. If the price is too low, it is necessary to prepare for long-term storage, so there are many disadvantages. Aspect.

There is no correct understanding of modern garlic cultivation, and mentality is also a major factor affecting the market. For farmers growers, farmers are concentrated in shipping when they do not see hope, causing panic.

Therefore, black garlic manufacturers should establish a good attitude, to ensure that our mood will not be ups and downs due to price changes, I hope everyone should understand the law of market changes.